FIFA 13 Career Mode Update: Transfers

FIFA 13 unveiled a few details on its career mode, and it looks like they’ve added a lot of sweet new features to the game mode.

Check out this video:

In summary, this is what they’ve added to the transfer market in career mode:

  • Counter Offer: The ability to respond and really negotiate offers from or to other clubs. Adds that authenticity that you couldn’t find in FIFA 12. In the previous game, you would have to just make a whole new offer again. Small detail, but one that will win over some supporters.
  • Part Exchange: Perhaps the most interesting addition to the FIFA 13 career mode transfer market. It lets you work with more freedom and flexibility – as again, it adds to the authenticity of the game as a whole.
  • Revamped Look: In general, the transfer bids page is just looking fantastic. Got a contract there with all the information that you really need, this including bid advice (like last year), morale and form (new addition to the page) and a neater feel to it.
  • Player Importance: Really love this, because what it means is that AI teams won’t just accept bids for players when you meet the valuation. For example, if they’re an important part of the first team, or a talisman, you’re going to have to increase that bid of yours, and vice versa for a rotational squad player.

Looking forward to it, and I reckon it’s going to be a fantastic game.


One thought on “FIFA 13 Career Mode Update: Transfers

  1. Karl Weller

    Sounds interesting, but I’m more concerned with the piaxlated fans that are let in to the stadiums every season. It’s about time they were escorted from the premiseses FIFA?!


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